"What I can advise all our aspiring healthcare quality leaders to be an effective leader, is always focus on the practice of caring for patients in ways that are meaningful and valuable to the individual patient."

In an exclusive interview with BII World, Dr. Noura AlMadani, Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia discusses the pivotal role healthcare leaders play in improving patient experience.

"Patient experience is built on all interactions with healthcare system elements including staff, structure, processes and other. Accreditation advances the structure process and outcomes, it also increases the patient satisfaction that triggers the patient experience to be more salubrious."

Dr. Majdah Shugdar, Director General Assistant for Healthcare Accreditation Department, Saudi Central Board For Accreditation of Health Care Institutions – CBAHI talks about how accredited hospitals in KSA have improved healthcare quality after accreditation in a short interview with Patient Experience Excellence Congress

"From the time KHCC was established patient-centered care was interwoven within our strategies, policies, and practices. Most notably the fact that each patient has a unified treatment plan based on medical judgment of a Multidisciplinary Team including all physicians and from different areas like surgery, oncology, radiology, radiotherapy, pathology and auxiliaries based on the type of disease, all taking unified decisions following the latest evidence-based guidelines."

Dr. Asem Mansour, Chief Executive Officer, Director General, King Hussein Cancer Center shares his insights in an exclusive interview with the Patient Experience Excellence Congress