Selina Seah

Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Director Smart Systems Programme
Changi General Hospital, Ministry of Health - Singapore


Appointed as Assistant Chief Executive Officer CGH on 1 Sep 2012 focusing on campus development and care transformation, Ms Seah has leadership over remodelling of the hospital, looking at new models of care and developing enablers in infrastructure, technology and innovations. Prior, as Chief Operating Officer in 2010, she had led nearing a thousand staff covering strategic planning, hospital planning, services and business development, managing patient service departments, managing operational support departments, emergency planning and planning for integrated care service models/programs for chronic disease management.
When the new regional health system Eastern Health Alliance, which Changi General Hospital is a partner of, was formed in Apr 2011; she was also the Acting Chief Corporate Development Officer till 2012 for the cluster looking after cluster development, partnerships, strategy development for medium term, and forming the healthcare innovations platform.