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General / Ministry of Health: Satisfaction rate of beneficiaries of health services 69.7% in the third quarter 2018

The Ministry of Health announced the results of the program measuring the satisfaction of the services provided to them for the third quarter of 2018, with a satisfaction rate of 69.7%. 
More than 60,000 subscribers and their families completed the questionnaire in the third quarter of 2018 about their access to health services, the ministry said. 
She explained that all areas of the Kingdom were covered by 17 health services, including hospitals (outpatient clinics, hypnotherapy and emergency), primary health care centers, anti-smoking clinics, specialized clinics for the heart, kidneys, tumors, diabetes and care. And the specialized dental clinic, pointing to the provision of services soon in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, mental health hospitals, as well as paid treatment. 
“Health” launched the program “measuring the patient’s experience” beginning in 2018, in order to enable beneficiaries of patients and their families to participate in the evaluation of the services provided to them after each visit to health facilities. 
The program works according to international scientific mechanisms in methods of measuring the satisfaction of beneficiaries to health services through a third party, in order to ensure the impartiality of the results and credibility, through a company specialized in this field, allowing the “health” compared to regional and global services, to help them keep up with progress In patient-based health services and needs, reflecting their access to the highest quality health services. 
This program is supported by a number of health professionals in collaboration with stakeholders to identify and analyze the weaknesses in the health services provided in the various health facilities and to study them, and to develop mechanisms to improve them and develop them continuously. 

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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