MOH-KSA -​Patient Experience Measurement Program report released

The Patient Experience Measurement Program, provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH), is one of the national transformation initiatives to improve patient experience and to achieve distinctive health care by the Assistant Agency for Planning and Organizational Excellence , in cooperation with Quality General Department, Patient Experience Centre, Vision Realization Office (VRO), and all healthcare service providers.
The program aims to enable beneficiaries (patients and their families) to engage in quality improvement by measuring their satisfaction with various health services in MOH’s facilities through surveys designed for each visit separately. It features a number of hospitals, specialized centers, primary health care centers, blood banks,  tobacco cessation centers, premarital screening centers, 937-Service Center and other therapy visits. The program extends the scope of operations to cover all MOH’s facilities.

Ministry of Health -KSA works with an independent third party (Health.LinksPress Ganey), to manage surveys and to issue the program-related reports. Thus, there is no bias in measurement or results across MOH’s facilities.

Click  MOH PXM-2018-10 to download the detailed report released in October 2018.