Speaker Interview

Dr. Majdah Shugdar, Director General Assistant for Healthcare Accreditation Department, Saudi Central Board For Accreditation of Health Care Institutions – CBAHI

Q-1 Patient satisfaction is one of the vital attributes to consider when evaluating the impact of accreditation systems, how has accredited hospitals in KSA advanced healthcare quality after accreditation?

Patient experience is built on all interactions with healthcare system elements including staff, structure, processes and other. Accreditation advances the structure process and outcomes, it also increases the patient satisfaction that triggers the patient experience to be more salubrious.
Based on the Mystery shopper statistics from MOH, it stated that patients can easily distinguish the status of accreditation of a healthcare facility if it is accredited or not from the first minute the patient step foot in a healthcare facility.
After a long journey from 2016 when CBAHI published the 3rd Edition, almost 50% of healthcare facilities are accredited by CBAHI.

Q-2 What according to you are the ingrained challenges faced by the healthcare providers in meeting patient-family expectations?

Infrastructure related issues like the shortage of staff, supplies, and equipment. Turn Over skilled staff like nursing and physicians. Gaps in the process in the healthcare delivery process. IT infrastructure.

Q-3 How does hospital accreditation influence quality and hospital management? Are there any guidelines/policies governing the implementation of patient experience measurement tools for healthcare providers?

CBAHI standards provide framework for total quality management that can be applied in any HCF that includes devoted chapters and standards for Patient Rights. Focusing on patient safety culture and experience and how the facility will address it in systematic way.

Q-4 How do you think this congress will impact healthcare providers in their aim to achieve px excellence and drive towards ‘patient centricity’, and why is such a platform important for the healthcare sector in the region?

Sharing experiences and best practices in addressing patient experience networking between patient experience experts and professionals.