Gold Sponsor: Dallah Hospital

When it comes to choosing a hospital, one thing is clear: quality counts. With more than two decades of tradition, excellence and quality in providing medical care in a comfortable and convenient environment, we bring peace of mind for the thousands of patients who are cared for by our doctors, specialists and nurses at Dallah Hospital each year. We focus on offering a wide range of consistent high quality and up-to-date medical services that allow us to improve the health of the communities we serve with compassion and sensitivity to the individual needs of our patients and their families. We strive to change medicine in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a way that will have a great impact on people’s lives; working together to put the patient first in everything we do which distinguishes Dallah Hospital and defines it as it stands today.

Dallah Hospital is committed to provide excellent healthcare services by effective and professional way to meet with patient, community needs and expectations.

To be leading hospital and center of excellence for the private healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia.

Gold Sponsor: Gulf Medical Company

Gulf Medical Company was founded in 1983 as a medical supply company specialized in the sales and marketing of medical devices and equipment, with the sole proprietorship of the vision “To bring the most innovative state of the art medical technology and solutions to our market”. Today, after more than two decades, that vision, not only lives on but also continues to gain momentum. Thanks to our customers and suppliers who contributed with precision.

AI Healthcare Partner: AIDirections 

AIDirections is a Dubai based company, which was established in response to the exciting developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AIDirections’ value proposition is based on the development of use cases across a number of industries, a technology neutral approach that leverages the substantial investments of platforms of global companies to bootstrap local efforts through Proof of Concept.  Early service delivery and proprietary methodologies developed to assist organizations to understand the strategic approaches to AI are available to support this aim.

AIDirections’ business areas are:

  • Training and awareness with regards to AI;
  • Assisting in the development of an AI Strategy;
  • Assessment of AI Maturity;
  • Consultancy to identify opportunities and risks related to the use of AI;
  • Provision of solutions for dedicated problems and customers; and
  • Provision of IoT solutions, e.g. for oil and gas or smart cities.

The core staff of AIDirections brings together significant experience in research and development, technical standardization, development and implementation of national level strategies, international collaboration and consultancy. While we are technology neutral in our approach, we are also developing a set of products in the areas of crowd monitoring and sentiment detection through the use of computer vision. We develop these products through our own network and via partnerships with research institutions in the region and international technology companies.

Associate Sponsor: MATCON 

Mohammed Tawfiq Atari Company for General Contracting, also known as MATCON Corp, is a family‐business company registered in Saudi Arabia as a foreign investment contracting company since 1975. Our operations span the entirety of Saudi Arabia with our major concentration in Riyadh region, where we are well known for MEP and medical contracting activities.

MATCON’s mission is to become the primarily preferred contractor for industrial customers who are looking for agile management, innovative technologies, and a reliable team. Our target is to enhance and enable our customer’s businesses for success. Hence, we start from analyzing the customer’s requirements, to design and identify the right approach to carry out our planning and execution activities.

Lunch Sponsor: Medify

Medify – The digital patient experience

We maximize the patient experience by supporting the whole journey digitally. A simple need actually as the experience starts and ends at home. But even more as it is essential to collect the right information upfront in order to enable personalized care.

As such, our experience welcomes patients already at home, providing them with all kind of information about their upcoming visit and procedure. All presented by visual and interactive means, such as photos and videos of the hospital, and 3D animations of the procedure. The patient digests the information in his own comfort zone, at his own pace.

At the same time we collect the essential informed consent, medical condition, and other patient specific information for the hospital. Together with all stakeholders we align the exact information need per procedure, for both patients and hospital.

All responses are presented in intuitive patient specific and aggregated dashboards, with the right automatic annotations (e.g. pre-anamnesis / risk assessment) in order to act adequately.

As 10-20% of the patient experience is determined by after care, our software automatically follows up on patients with after care information, PROMS/PREMS and other evaluation questionnaires over time.

We provide in a complete toolset (including SSO, HL-7 and deeplink integrations) that optimises healthcare processes while maximising the patient experience..

Official Flooring Partner: Nora 

nora systems develops, produces and markets high-quality rubber floor coverings and stairtreads as well as shoe components under the nora® brand. As the global market leader the company has shaped the development of rubber floor coverings “Made in Germany” for 70 years. Headquartered in Weinheim, Germany, nora systems has been designing and manufacturing premium flooring for more than 70 years for a number of different markets, including healthcare. The portfolio encompasses more than 300 colors and styles of commercial flooring. The comprehensive nora® accessories range offers hygienic solutions down to the last detail, e.g. sanitary base. The cleaning properties keep the flooring affordable over the long term – without requiring coatings. Flooring solutions from nora® help healthcare facilities maintain a safe, hygienic and quiet environment for their patients to rest and recover.  In 2018, nora systems was acquired by Interface Inc., Atlanta (USA). Interface is the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpet tiles for the commercial sector.

Knowledge Partner

Health.Links is a consultancy company specialized in health care that works with its strategic partner, Press Ganey, to support health care organizations with a unique portfolio of solutions and services. This partnership includes operational support in data collection and survey management with a localized perspective. We are committed to improving patient experience in the Gulf region through being the voice of both patients and caregivers.

We partner with health care policymakers, hospital leaders and involved stakeholders to make lasting improvements for optimal performance. We utilize scientific knowledge to help our partners realize their most important goals. Through our partnership with Press Ganey in the Gulf region, Health.Links has the initial strategic objective of establishing a successful system of quality improvement in the region. Imagine if you could locate the invisible dysfunctions and gaps in your care services. Imagine if each and every phase of the patient’s journey within your hospital is designed with data-backed knowledge.

The methodology behind our solutions is very distinct and seeks to address preventable forms of suffering from the patient experience. Timely feedback creates situational awareness. Endless streams of data have always been there, but now health care leaders have the chance to leverage this knowledge and move with the patient to the right place. We will do what it takes to ensure that your health care institution and leadership team capitalize on the different strengths and energies to establish a culture rooted in creative solutions. Our approach to management is an active presence of improving the patient experience and maximizing the potential by connecting all our resources to serve your needs.

Powered By

Planetree, Inc. is a mission based not-for-profit organization that partners with healthcare organizations around the world and across the care continuum to transform how care is delivered. Powered by over 50,000 focus groups with patients, families, and staff, and over 35 years of experience working with healthcare organizations, Planetree is uniquely positioned to represent the patient voice and advance how professional caregivers engage with patients and families. Guided by a foundation in 10 components of patient centered care, Planetree informs policy at a national level, aligns strategies at a system level, guides implementation of care delivery practices at an organizational level, and facilitates compassionate human interactions at a deeply personal level. Our philosophical conviction that patient centered care is the “right thing to do” is supported by a structured process that enables sustainable change.

Endorsing Partner: Saudi Patient Safety Center

The Saudi Patient Safety Center (SPSC) established in 2017, is the first of its kind in the whole region and fulfills one of the initiatives of the National Transformation Vision 2030. The center’s mandate is to galvanizing healthcare regulators, payers, providers, patients, families and communities around patient safety with the aim of providing healthcare services free from harm. The SPSC is acting as the main custodian of the Patient Safety strategy with a focus on giving a voice to the community and healthcare providers. The center shall be inspired by the guiding principles of the patient safety strategy as it relates to:

System orientation
Capacity building
Learning from mistakes
Patient empowerment
Monitoring and research
Patient safety culture
All levels and institutions
Realistic and motivating expectations

Endorsing Partner: Saudi Alzheimer’s Disease Association 

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are no official measurements on the spread of Alzheimer’s sickness, yet specialists assess that there are no less than 50,000 patients living with this illness in the nation. The Saudi Alzheimer’s Disease Association demonstrates that the odds of getting the sickness twofold at regular intervals among people maturing over 65 years, while that half of those maturing more than 85 years were discovered influenced by the infection. To dispose of Alzheimer’s malady through the progression of examination; to give and upgrade administer to all influenced and to lessen danger of dementia through the advancement of cerebrum wellbeing. The Saudi Alzheimer’s Association takes a shot at a worldwide, national and nearby level to upgrade tend to every one of those influenced by Alzheimer’s and different dementias.

As the biggest not-for-profit funder of Alzheimer’s examination, the Association is focused on quickening the worldwide advancement of new medicines, preventions and at last, a cure. In 1979, Jerome H. Stone and agents from a few family care groups met with the National Institute on Aging to investigate the estimation of a national, autonomous, not-for-profit association to supplement government endeavours encompassing Alzheimer’s malady. That meeting brought about the April 10, 1980, arrangement of the Alzheimer’s Association with Mr Stone as establishing president. Today, the Association achieves a huge number of individuals influenced by Alzheimer’s over the globe through our national office and sections in groups across the nation. We are the world’s driving intentional wellbeing association in Alzheimer’s consideration, backing and research. The brand of the Alzheimer’s Association speaks to our identity and what we do. It is both a visual image of our double mission of individuals and science and a pledge that aides us in our day by day work in examination, backing, instruction and backing. While we have changed our look throughout the years, we haven’t veered from our motivation: We the Saudi Alzheimer’s Association and our vision is a world without Alzheimer’s.

Endorsing Partner: Saudi Association for Health Informatics

SAHI is a scientific association under the direct supervision of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences and conduct its public activities to develop theoretical and application knowledge in order to provide scientific and applicable studies including consultation whether for private or public. It is a non-profit organization which was founded in the year 2006. SAHI helps to develop the scientific knowledge in the field of health information, scientific and vocational performance for association members and also provides an umbrella for those working in the scientific field.

Endorsing Partner: Saudi Critical Care Society

The Saudi Critical Care Society is on its 10 year of service since January 2007, it is under the umbrella of Saudi Council for health Specialties. The society’s aim and vision is on continuing education with a focus on critical care. The society has nine (9) executive board members and has established numerous chapters (Pediatric, Respiratory, Neuro & Nursing) Each chapter is headed by a chairman and has its own membership under the SCCS.

Media Partner: Middle East Medical Portal

The Middle East Medical Portal (MEMP) is the premier resource for medical professional in the Middle East region providing educational articles, job opportunities and events through the magazine and website. MEMP is segmented into the health areas that effect the region the most such as cardiovascular, diabetes/obesity, respiratory, cancer and mental health. MEMP will also have a special section on the latest digital advancements, such as Artificial Intelligence, in medicine, surgery and healthcare. In addition to supporting medical professionals MEMP supports companies with commercial services to develop their business in the Middle East. The MEMP team consist of business executives, medical Drs, pharmacists and senior healthcare professionals.

Media Partner: Medical Events Guide

Medical events guide(MEG) is a platform that serves as a guide for trusted information about healthcare and medical events worldwide. We not only provide a trusted source for all interested parties to access information about Medical Expos, CME meetings and Conferences, but also a place for doctors, medical professionals, healthcare investors, device manufacturers, event organizers and venues to interact with each other. By carefully helping medical companies and doctors access the right events for their selected preferences, MEG wants to ensure that events have the maximum coverage and impact on audiences.

Media Partner: Daily Medical Info

Daily Medical Info. is a medical portal established at January 2010 for offering the Arabic community trust medical information to improve people`s life health matching with people`s continuous need & inquires through a simple way and by the Arabic language. Daily medical info. has honored to be the best medical portal in the Arab world and awarded the prize by Dubai Ruler Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum on December 2016

Media Partner: The Arab Hospital Magazine

With the improvement of public sector Health Care, the proliferation of private sector hospitals throughout the Arab world and the ceaseless development of new medical technologies, it’s important for both Health Care professionals and the general public to be knowledgeable about such a vital sector in order to make the right career choice and treatment decision. The Arab Hospital Magazine fulfills this clear and defined market need. The Arab Hospital aims for excellence, reliability and most importantly professional journalism that is relevant for the region. Our message is to enlighten our societies on the importance of a well managed and developed Health Care field. The Arab Hospital Magazine has correspondents across the region and is a rich source of news on the Health Care sector presented in a fresh and modern format. The magazine is available monthly throughout the Gulf area, Levant and North Africa with a total circulation of 71,000 copies. Our subscribers are mostly ministries of health, hospitals, private clinics, universities, healthcare related industries (pharmaceutical, equipment suppliers, IT, insurance), doctors and health-conscious readers. The Arab Hospital is available in all relevant bookshops in the Arab world, in the hospitals and clinics of the region, doctor’s waiting rooms, relevant university departments and libraries, and distributed by mail to all key Healthcare professionals.

Media Partner: Tabeeby

From Middle East Tabeeby has emerged connecting people to healthcare providers. Since then we succeeded in raising the medical and health awareness among the population, taking the charge and we are in the pole position. Recently, Tabeeby has been developed into a modern format following a comprehensive upgrade to become the first unique and true Health Social that ensures easy, swift and fast access to thousands of doctors, medical entities & Medical events. Tabeeby has been featured as a media partner and created a recognition in hundreds of Health and medical events across the world, promoting their activities across our platforms to thousands of healthcare providers and millions of visitors. Acknowledging that the foremost valuable treasure in life is good health, Tabeeby uses state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date social media innovations to highlight the concept of prime health in our daily life.

Media Partner:

The leadership community engages in cross-collaboration and promotes management, leadership, winning practices in healthcare.
With the active engagement from thought leaders and almost 100 well-respected national and international associations and congresses, HealthManagement provides comprehensive information related to Executive Management, Imaging, Healthcare IT & Cardiology.