Speaker Interview

Kathy Sienko, Chief Nursing Officer | Aldara Hospital & Medical Centre

Q-1 Tell us about Aldara Hospital’s nursing vision to set new standards for clinical excellence and patient experience?

To set new standards for clinical excellence and the patient experience is Aldara’s overall vision. Within Nursing, our work is to make that vision a reality in the way that we integrate technology, best-practice standards and evidence into our practice, the way that we collaborate with each other and the multidisciplinary team, the way in which we care for our patients; by demonstrating compassion, by going the extra mile and ultimately making each patient and family feel unique and as if they are the most special person or persons that we have met that day. We do not see our vision as an end-point but rather as something that drives us to increasingly higher levels of excellence.

Q-2 What are some of the challenges faced by nursing leaders in establishing an optimal patient experience across the organization?

One of the most formidable challenges is in finding the right nurses with the right combination of knowledge, skills and heart. I say heart because ultimately what matters most to patients in addition to what we do as nurses, is how we make them feel and that is a connection that happens at the level of the heart. Secondly, identifying, implementing and evaluating proven nursing best-practices that have a positive impact on patient experience is important. It is one thing to speak theoretically about great patient experience but how do you know? Thirdly, attracting and retaining Saudi Nurses is critically important. They are key to enhancing our ability to deliver culturally-sensitive and appropriate care. Finally, having an engaged workforce that is committed to the vision. There is a saying that if you take care of your staff and engage them, they will take care of your business and I believe this to be true.

Q-3 What are your goals for 2019 -2020 in the pursuit of attaining patient and staff satisfaction?

Our goal is to provide the best patient experience anywhere. From a Nursing perspective our goal is to ensure that our staff are engaged, that they are using the Aldara Patient-experience tools and practices and are really engaging the voice of our patients and customers to create positive and delightful experiences that are not just based on traditional measures of satisfaction.

Q-4 How do you think the Congress will impact healthcare providers in aim achieve patient excellence and drive patient centricity and why is such a platform important for the healthcare sector in the region?

The hallmark of a conference that provides value is one in which there are tangible, evidence based actions from national and international organisations that attendees are able to take back to their own organisations or practice and localise and implement. The opportunity to collaborate across disciplines and organisations to move new ideas forwards is important. After all, wherever patients receive their care and irrespective of their ability to pay, they all want and deserve amazing care and experience.