"What I can advise all our aspiring healthcare quality leaders to be an effective leader, is always focus on the practice of caring for patients in ways that are meaningful and valuable to the individual patient."

In an exclusive interview with BII World, Dr. Noura AlMadani, Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia discusses the pivotal role healthcare leaders play in improving patient experience.

"Patient experience is built on all interactions with healthcare system elements including staff, structure, processes and other. Accreditation advances the structure process and outcomes, it also increases the patient satisfaction that triggers the patient experience to be more salubrious."

Dr. Majdah Shugdar, Director General Assistant for Healthcare Accreditation Department, Saudi Central Board For Accreditation of Health Care Institutions – CBAHI talks about how accredited hospitals in KSA have improved healthcare quality after accreditation in a short interview with Patient Experience Excellence Congress

"In today's hectic healthcare schedule, many times staff members may think it will take too much time to orient patients and families in how to be engaged in their care. However, those organizations that make this an important part of the patient experience will enjoy great success."

Chris Thrash, President/CEO, Chris Thrash & Associates, USA Director discusses how greater patient satisfaction leads to increased employee engagement and how to build a culture of service excellence based on the patient experience

"Transforming health care service experience through Patient empowerment is imperative. Saudi Patient Safety Center is pursing patient empowerment strategies that build capacity and meaningful participation of both the patients, families and healthcare providers through several programs/initiatives."

Dr. Abdulelah Alhawsawi, Director General, Saudi Patient Safety Center, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Transplant Surgeon, King Abdulaziz University Hospital talks about the Saudi Patient Safety Center’s strategies for patient empowerment as well as various models where the patient experience is the center focus of care delivery

"Within nursing, our work is to make that vision a reality in the way that we integrate technology, best-practice standards and evidence into our practice, the way that we collaborate with each other and the multidisciplinary team, the way in which we care for our patients; by demonstrating compassion, by going the extra mile and ultimately making each patient and family feel unique"

Kathy Sienko, Chief Nursing Officer  from Aldara Hospital  Medical Centre sheds light on the challenges faced by nursing leaders in establishing an optimal patient experience