17 March 2019 (09:00 - 13:00)
At the HEART of Effective Leadership - Building A Culture of Excellent Patient Experiences

“At the HEART of Effective Leadership” is a dynamic 4-hour workshop led by Chris Thrash.  This essential training session will coach leaders on what it takes to create excellent patient experiences and build a successful service culture.  Participants will receive specific tools they need to build a successful service culture to dynamically improve and sustain the patient experience and employee engagement. The Blueprint for building a service culture of excellence will be presented.

“At the HEART of Effective Leadership” presents leaders with key components and best practices for creating the patient experience and provides great participant takeaways.  Examples include:

– Being a Supportive Coach
Tune in to your employees’ needs. Delegate projects based on their strengths and weaknesses.
– Assessing Staff Performance as Low, Middle or High Performers
Learn different ways of motivating people. How do you deal with each level of performance in your staff members?
– Bringing Out the Best in Your Employees
Help them grow so they’ll contribute more and take pride in their work.

Significant components of this learning opportunity coach leaders on the powerful model of having HEART:

– Huddle Meetings

– Expectations

– Accountability

– Rounding

– Thank You Recognition

– Huddle Meetings – consistent times to meet with all staff members to remind them of service standards, reward and recognize, and clearly communicate important information about the organization.

– Expectations – reminding staff of your organization’s behavioral expectations, goals, and strategies for keeping the patient experience and employee engagement at high levels.

– Accountability – Build better relationships and improve performance by steering low performers, coaching middle performers and praising high performers.

– Rounding – Consistent times of visiting with patients and family members to make sure your organization is exceeding their expectations.  It is also important to have regular scheduled times of rounding on your staff members to make sure they have what they need to do their jobs.

– Thank You Recognition – Writing thank you notes to staff members, implementing reward and recognition.

Masterclass Leader

Chris Thrash, MBA, MHA

If you asked organizations why they have enjoyed working with Chris Thrash, they would tell you because of his over 25 years of healthcare experience he brings to each encounter.  If you asked audiences why they love his messages, they would say because of the fun, energy and passion he always brings to each and every session.

Chris is an award winning speaker, writer and creator of training videos used by hospitals both nationally and internationally.  His work has been recognized by the WorldFest International Film Festival.  He is the author of several books:  Everyday Heroes, At the Heart of Effective Leadership, Service Culture:  An Employee Handbook, and Leadership:  Helping Others to Succeed.

Since forming his company in 1999, Chris Thrash and Associates have worked with many of the top  healthcare organizations in the United States:  Mayo Health, Johns Hopkins, New York University Hospital, and Wake Forest University Medical Center to name a few.