20 March 2019 (09:00 - 17:00)

In association with:

Christy Davies
Manager of Global Certification
Planetree International

Ilkay Baylam
Assistant Director
Planetree International

Preparing Your Organization for Improved Patient Experience: Earning Planetree’s Person-Centered Care Certification

Get to Know the Certification Standards for Recognizing Excellence in Person-Centered Care

Planetree’s Person-Centered Care Certification Program provides the only international set of standards specifically developed for recognition of excellence in person-centered care and the patient experience. First introduced in the USA and Canada, and endorsed by The Joint Commission, hospitals and health centers in 25 countries are now using the criteria to drive real change and sustained improvement to further excellence in person-centered care around the world. Notable elements of the program include:

– A consolidated, well-organized set of criteria to help organizations focus on the most high leverage changes that will accelerate efforts to create and sustain a culture of person-centered care.
– An evaluation process that makes it easy for your team to understand how your organization is performing against each criterion.
– Defined recognition tiers that provide opportunities for organizations to earn recognition for their progress.

Masterclass participants will be introduced to the program’s operational framework for establishing the systems and processes necessary to sustain culture change across your organization. Faculty will focus on the framework’s 5 drivers and 26 criteria as a way of understanding, in real terms, what it takes to make person-centered care into an actionable strategy that can be tailored to the needs and strengths of any organization.

This session is specifically designed for those organizations interested in pursuing sustainable improvement in creating a person-centered organizational culture. Program criteria are supported by the latest evidence presented in the National Academy of Medicine’s 2017 discussion paper on connections between patient and family engagement and improved medical outcomes, Harnessing Evidence and Experience to Change Culture (2017).

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to identify essential organizational practices, structures and skill-building opportunities that work together to create, strengthen and sustain an organizational culture of person-centered care that yields outcomes related to better care, better health, better culture and lower costs
Participants will become familiar with tools and strategies for understanding the current state of an organization’s person-centered care culture and identifying gaps.
Participants will increase knowledge of the Person-Centered Care Certification Program as a structured person-centered care performance framework, and gain an understanding of how the framework can be applied across settings to advance PCC implementation.