Saudi Arabia, with its well-established ICT infrastructure, offers an excellent meeting place for IT solutions to enhance healthcare services offered. Saudi’s e-Health policy aims to implement a program in order to achieve its vision of a ‘safe, efficient health system, based on the care centred around the patient, standard-oriented, and supported by the e-Health

Vision 2030 & NTP 2020
Will Accelerate the Transformation of care through technology

2020 Target Highlights
70% of citizen to have unified digital records by 2020

Healthcare Projects
87 to 150 Major healthcare projects in the GCC due for completion are in Saudia Arabia

2020 Target Highlights
increase the percentage of healthcare facilities reporting comprehensive performance and quality measures from 10% 50 100%

Fastest Growing Healthcare Market
Saudi Arabia is the fastest growing healthcare market in the GCC

Hospitals Privatization
Ministry of health intends to privatize 290 hospitals & 2300 primary health centers by 2030 with the aim of improving healthcare quality

Digitally Enabled Care Experience
Healthcare consumers in Saudi Arabia want a digitally enabled care experience to better manage their health.

Healthcare IT Projects
Ministry of Health is implementing 85 Healthcare IT Projects

Medical Cities
Saudi Arabia is planning to build several medical cities in the Kingdom at a cost of US 4.3 Billions

Attain Acceptable Waiting Times
Across all the stages of service delivery